Tuesday, January 7, 2020

More Language Matters

Volume 2 of Marlene Davis' classic "Language Matters - Matering the English Language for Trinis". 

“With humour and wit, Marlene Davis helps us all—young and not so young, in school or long out—to improve our command of written and spoken Standard English, while also celebrating the richness of Trinidad English Creole.”
Bridget Brereton, Professor emerita

“This sequel to Language Matters is a welcome addition to what is best thought of as an aid to good language, for which Marlene is to be congratulated. The book should be on the desk of every secretary, in the collection of every student, and indeed in every home, for where formal communication is concerned, language matters.”
Julian Duncan, Professor emeritus 

“In this her second volume of Language Matters Marlene Davis offers readers of her popular weekly newspaper column another bite of that juicy cherry that so often bites back with sharp wit. Here you will find a guide and a map through the thorny thicket of peculiarities and idiosyncrasies, illogicalities and irrationalities of the English language. Along the way you are sure to pause and laugh at the anecdotes and jokes that blaze like bright blooms where you least expect to find them.”
Barbara Jenkins, author

“MORE LANGUAGE MATTERS, Marlene Davis’ second book of her popular newspaper columns, starts with the Story of The English Language, the only ‘studious’ part of her book. Marlene’s book is neither text book nor novel; whether you start from the very first page or wherever you may open her book, the pages are filled with humorous thoughts and quotes to make reading enjoyable and to impart knowledge at the same time in a fun way.”
Angela Pidduck, retired journalist 

Softcover, 170 pages
ISBN 978-976-8289-22-3

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