Monday, May 4, 2015

Language Matters by Marlene Davis

Newspaper columnist Marlene Davis has now self-published a selection of her past articles about the correct usage of English in this charming and interactive book.

Improving your English is made fun with Marlene's approach, which is tailor-made for "Trinis" (Tobagonians included!) The newspaper column format lent itself to short introductory articles, written in an easy-to-digest journalistic format, and followed by interactive Quizes where you can practice your newly-acquired skills.

Read, remember, laugh and enjoy "Language Matters!"

Here some feedback from her readers, taken from the back cover of the book:

"This collection of articles will certainly benefit all of us who delight in the spoken and written word that allows us to enjoy and understand the nuances of language. Mrs. Davis’s witty and “down to earth”examples will provide clear guidelines to those of us for whom grammar can be tedious and who want to make lessons come alive for the students we teach Just being aware can be so empowering."  - Wallis Wyke, Literacy Coach.

"I am an avid reader of Marlene Davis’ columns and look forward to seeing them every week in the Trinidad Express. I firmly believe that her columns should be required reading for ALL journalists and would-be journalists–print and electronic media–in this country and anyone who is really interested in the proper way of speaking,  and that should be all of us. In a country where it seems that the correct use of grammar is being lost she is like a beacon of light to all,  showing us the way to proper communication. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, Marlene!!" - Marie Saunders

“Language Matters, indeed! Whether in spoken or written word, it is the means by which we introduce ourselves, our thoughts and our ideas to the world. Marlene Davis helps us to do so confidently and successfully, allowing us to make the best first impression.”  - Paula Mae Weekes.

"You’ll need to get two copies of this book. One you’ll keep where you spend your serious time – at work, perhaps, or at school – the place where you must urgently check on, for example, whether to use will or would in a sentence. The other will reside at your bedside, where you can dip into it from time to time to laugh once again at the anecdote about ‘the lady selling currants rolls’ or the one about why  ‘It is mines’ is not grammatically correct.  In Language Matters, author Marlene Davis sweetens her clear prescription on the use of Standard English with jokes and stories that help to make the medicine go down in the most delightful way." - Barbara Jenkins, author of Sic Transit Wagon and other stories – Peepal Tree Press 2013

ISBN 978-976-8249-91-3
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Author/Publisher Marlene Davis (left) and Alice Besson of Paria Publishing with a first copy of "Language Matters".
Photo by Zoƫ Almandoz.