Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Down the Islands by Joseph Abdo Sabga

The Expedition of a Philatelist
"An imaginary journey to far away places with strange sounding names"

Stamps may be small, but they make a big impact. For generations, people have treasured stamps because nothing equals their combination of artistry, history, delight and surprise.
Come and take a trip down memory lane with me, a Philatelist, as I travel down the islands from Bermuda in the north to Guyana in the south, touring the Caribbean and collecting stamps.
Your fondest memories will be brought to life through these stunning stamps!
These stamps will transport you back in time with their vibrant, eye-catching designs and rich historical value. Throughout most of its history, the Caribbean has celebrated its achievements, honoured its heroes and recorded its history by issuing postage stamps. These stamps tell us about the discovery and settlement of the islands; advances in transportation and communication; wonders of the natural landscape; and accomplishments of political and civic leaders, who served their countries and shaped its future.
These stamps offer a unique and proud look at the Caribbean history. While they are beautiful in themselves, they also take on even more interest when we learn the stories behind them, why they were issued and who or what they commemorate. Taken together, these miniature works of art, created by some of the best artists of their day, constitute a Caribbean family album — a visual portrait of who we are, what we value and what we have accomplished.
This book shows on 285 fully illustrated pages stamps from Joseph Sabga's extensive collection.
The Caribbean’s remarkable visual history is told through these beautiful and memorable stamps. They created a permanent record of the pivotal events and significant figures of yesterday and today.
This book, filled with insightful text and hundreds of illustrations, documents the unique history of the Caribbean with these magnificent stamps. With the help of stamps, you can wander through lands, take a ship through time, and fly across history.
On this stamp expedition, you can discover how things looked years ago. The traditional way of life is dying out in our modern world, but it is preserved for us in stamps. The important events of the past, including the history of our own various countries, are remembered by special commemorative issues. The collection shown in this book includes stamps issued from 1840 to 2012.

ISBN 978-976-8244-16-1
293 pages
Hardcover, laminated, 8.5 x 11"

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