Sunday, January 6, 2019

Called to Serve

This third revised edition of “Called to Serve” is virtually a new book with an enormous amount of information added by the nonagenarian author, Sister Marie-Thérèse Rétout.
It was published to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Order of St. Catherine of Siena in Trinidad.
The old content was rearranged in chronological order and by topic, covering the work of the Sisters at the Leper Asylums at Cocorite and at Chacachacare, their founding of St. Dominic’s Orphanage and of Holy Name Convent. The new content added updates the reader about new developments in these ventures, and features “Sister-by-Sister” milestone achievements and information about the Order’s founder. Lots of additional visuals and interesting photos can be found in this third edition, along with a detailed index and last but not least a list of Sister Marie-Thérèse’s other books.

“This new venture of love by Sr. Marie Thérèse Rétout, at age 96, to undertake an update of her book, Called to Serve, speaks of an indomitable spirit/soul, that refuses even to be regimented by age.
God has given Sr. Marie Thérèse a wonderful gift for writing which she is compelled to use as long as she has life and strength. I admire her persistence in wanting to give of herself—even as she faces her frailties and limitations—to accomplish all that this arduous task demands of her.
The Congregation of St. Catherine of Siena, this year 2018, celebrates 150 years of being established in Trinidad and Tobago. It is fitting that this new edition of Called to Serve is published during this year to mark the Jubilee.” (Sr. Thérèse Antoine, O.P.)

Softcover,362 pages
ISBN 978-976-8054-12-8
Cover design by Debbie Boos

For the Love of Pan

A Novel by Prithiviraj Bahadursingh

Be brave and walk the path of Ezekiel, a boy with special needs who rises to the very pinnacle of success in his life. The challenges and tragedies he faced were overwhelming and heartbreaking, but his successes were sublime, poignant and awe-inspiring. The author takes us on a truly emotive journey seen through the eyes of Ezee, his mother and and his sister. Feel their joys and sufferings as you experience their amazing story. Keep an open heart and they will inspire you for a lifetime.

“So many of us go through life hearing the words ‘dunce’ or ‘weird’ aimed at us by our peers who oftentimes fail to recognise the brilliance. Some of us unfortunately never live down the stigma and have a rough life’s journey, paying the price for simply being different. Someone’s impression of you should not be the catalyst that determines how you live your life.
This book will go a long way towards creating a deeper awareness of what those with autism and their families go through on a daily basis.
Hopefully, many of us reading this enlightening book can go out and spread the message. The more we become aware, the more we grow as a society.” (David Michael Rudder)

ISBN: 978-976-8244-36-9
Cover image: Randy Rambhai

Gillie's World

Short Stories from Trinidad and Antigua by Gillian McDonald Howie

"I have been writing memories of events in my life since I was a teenager and all these ‘stories’ are to be found jotted down in bits and pieces of my diaries throughout the years.
The stories, based on very young childhood memories, though not written out in any diary, are events that still stand out clearly in my mind. They formed a deep impression on me when they occurred." (Gillian McDonald Howie)

"Now and then Gillie would send a “story,” an extended memory of hers. I recognised them as special when I got them. No one else could have written them for sure. They were water-marked Gillie. I was very pleased whenever she found the inspiration to expand a memory, add details, make it more complete.
So these stories have accumulated over the years and have given me and other family members much pleasure. They deserve to be published and given the chance of another life. In one or two instances I heard Gillie tell the story. She had a tentative but serious way of telling what she remembered which was absolutely Gillie,  and added beautifully to the telling.
As it is on the page they are marvelously alive. For me, her brother who loves these stories, they will always be “Gillie’s World” where our human nature is seen with singular compassion and the light of a special understanding and love shines on all the players." (Ian McDonald)

Softcover, fully illustrated, 118 pages
ISBN 978-976-8244-25-3
Available online on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.