Sunday, January 6, 2019

Gillie's World

Short Stories from Trinidad and Antigua by Gillian McDonald Howie

"I have been writing memories of events in my life since I was a teenager and all these ‘stories’ are to be found jotted down in bits and pieces of my diaries throughout the years.
The stories, based on very young childhood memories, though not written out in any diary, are events that still stand out clearly in my mind. They formed a deep impression on me when they occurred." (Gillian McDonald Howie)

"Now and then Gillie would send a “story,” an extended memory of hers. I recognised them as special when I got them. No one else could have written them for sure. They were water-marked Gillie. I was very pleased whenever she found the inspiration to expand a memory, add details, make it more complete.
So these stories have accumulated over the years and have given me and other family members much pleasure. They deserve to be published and given the chance of another life. In one or two instances I heard Gillie tell the story. She had a tentative but serious way of telling what she remembered which was absolutely Gillie,  and added beautifully to the telling.
As it is on the page they are marvelously alive. For me, her brother who loves these stories, they will always be “Gillie’s World” where our human nature is seen with singular compassion and the light of a special understanding and love shines on all the players." (Ian McDonald)

Softcover, fully illustrated, 118 pages
ISBN 978-976-8244-25-3
Available online on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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