Saturday, September 12, 2009

Three Scary Stories by Andy Campbell

Andy Campbell's second children's book — gripping adventure stories from the Caribbean!

Shark attack! Bull attack! Snake attack! Lost at sea! In these stories, Trinidadian children have the most nerve-wracking adventures caused by their encounters with the flora and fauna of their home island. But not to worry, all's well that ends well ... and the brave save the day! Gorgeously illustrator by talented Trinidadian artist Ryan James, with additional images by Jean Claude Salvatori.

7 x 10", 140 pages in colour, softcover
Illustrations by Ryan James and Jean Claude Salvatori
ISBN 976-8054-81-4

Andy Campbell is a retired pilot with BWIA and wrote these adventure stories at his coffee table, which was thus rendered unusable for having coffee for months on end.

The book is no longer distributed by Paria Publishing (2018)