Friday, November 21, 2008

Stories from the Cockpit by Andy Campbell

The "Trini children's classic in the making" soon available online in a beautiful softcover version!

From Grommit, the vulture that falls first from its nest and then in love with a human lady; to Squirrel Coconuts, who ends up by mistake in the hold of a plane and has to find his placy in Hyde Park in London; to a little boy who becomes a castaway on a little deserted island and has to engage a flock of pelicans to carry him back home: these happy, adventurous children stories are unmistakingly written by a pilot!

7 x 10", 124 pages in colour, softcover
Illustrations by Andy Campbell and Jean Claude Salvatori
Photographs by Alice Besson and Noel Norton
ISBN 976-8054-46-8

Andy Campbell is a retired pilot with BWIA and wrote these adventure stories during his layovers in hotels in London and New York.

The book is no longer distributed by Paria Publishing (2018)

Check out an article by Angela Pidduck on this book, published by the Trinidad Express:,118555.html