Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Proud Legacy of Service - Republic Bank's Corporate History

This article pretty much says it all! (published in AmCham T&T's "Linkage" magazine Q1/2014). The book is available from Republic Bank Limited.

Paria Publishing can facilitate and supervise this entire publication for you - from concept and research, to design and layout, to print supervision, to finished books delivered to your premises, all in accordance with your requirements.
We can facilitate the listing of the publication on retailing websites (amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com) and also prepare the book in e-formats, e.g. for Kindle.
We can also handle video and audio productions and conceptualise and produce internet applications as outlined above.

Other Corporate and Institutional Histories produced by us were:

• Republic Bank (1986)
• Cannings/HiLo (2001)
• M Hamel-Smith & Co. (2003)
• Scotiabank (2004)
• ANSA McAL (2006)
• T&TEC (2008)
• RBTT (2009)
• Republic Bank (2012)
• Laughlin & de Gannes Ltd. (2013)
• Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (2014)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Unbelievable Stories from the Caribbean by Andy Campbell

You better believe it!

Andy Campbell, known for his adventurous Caribbean stories for the young and the young at heart, takes you aboard his boat to fantastic islands in the Caribbean, where UNBELIEVABLE things happen.

Meet Ebenezer Tull, the less-than-honest fisherman who catches the biggest marlin in the world (or does he)?

Lime on Maracas Beach with Olga and Thomas Olson, who necessitate a miracle leaf from the local roast corn vendor, and never look at a gas station the same way as before.

Wonder why Slither, the pet python, goes rigid from time to time, and never look at a lamb roast the same way as before.

Switch places with Orville, and live in paradise for some months—and never look at life the same way as before.

So hop aboard, and become a believer!

Softcover, 94 pages, 7 x 10", fully illustrated in colour

ISBN 978-976-8244-13-0
Illustrations by Ryan James and Sayada Ramdial
Cover Artwork by Iain “Wabba” Milne
Design & Layout by Zoë Almandoz, Paria Publishing Company Limited

Other books by Andy Campbell:
• Stories from the Cockpit
• Scary Stories from the Caribbean
• Adventure Stories from the Caribbean

Click here to purchase the book on amazon.com
Click here to purchase the book on barnesandnoble.com

The author, Andy Campbell, with illustratrators Ryan James and Sayada Ramdial and layout artist Zoë Almandoz

Book review by Debbie Jacob in the Sunday Guardian, 29 June, 2014