Monday, December 31, 2007

Port of Spain in a World at War by Michael Anthony

This book, the second volume of the History of Port-of-Spain, deals with events in the city during the years of the Second World War.

It tells of the anxieties, the tensions, the hopes and fears of the people of the city during this period. It deals with the tense wartime atmosphere created by the presence of the American soldiers, the shortages especially of food — and of the hope for a better world after the war.

Caribbean, History
ISBN 978-976-8054-55-7

344 pages, illustrated in black and white, softcover

The book is no longer distributed by Paria Publishing (2018)

The Making of Port of Spain by Michael Anthony

In this book, Michael Anthony journeys through the early settlement days of Port-of-Spain to the era of the Second World War in 1939.
His topics include the Spanish invasion of Trinidad and Tobago, the memories of old time Carnival, the great fires of the city, the Butler Riots, the introduction of the telephone and other modern inventions.

Caribbean, History
ISBN 978-976-8054-54-9

312 pages, illustrated in black and white, softcover only

The book is no longer distributed by Paria Publishing (2018)

Caribbean Fables by Dorothy St. Aubyn

Do you know how the dog got its cold nose? Or why the crab has a flat back? How the wild animals came to the earth, and how the Caribbean got its name?

If the answer to these questions is “no”, then you will be delighted to find out about these and other matters in this exciting collection of fables from the Caribbean, collected and narrated by Dorothy St. Aubyn.

When the sun goes down and the cackling fowls flutter up into the guava tree to settle down for the night, that is the time when “Old Creole”, the morocoy, and his friends tell stories to each other. They tell of the legends of the old folk in the misty mountains and the endless jungles, they tell of the tricks that the animals play on each other in the clearings of the forest, and they tell of the encounters of spirits, men, and animals on the sandy beaches. So ruffle your feathers, fly up into the tree, and listen with wonder to these fables from the Caribbean!

Caribbean, Folklore, Fairy-tales, Fiction, History
ISBN 978-976-8054-72-2
68 pages, illustrated in full colour, softcover

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