Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Story of the Clydesdale Club in Trinidad and Tobago 1897 –2007

by Horace Harrigan and Katrianna Latchman

Originally, the Club’s roots had been in football. Part of its legend was that it had introduced the beautiful game to these islands and had pioneered inter-territorial matches in its early years, to the extent where the Clydesdale, notwithstanding the fact that it has not fielded a team for almost 100 years, is still regarded as a member of Trinidad’s First Division. In truth, writing a history of the Clydesdale is almost a contradiction in terms, for it has no history in an academic sense. What it does possess, however, is a memory. As a club, collectively it remembers its glorious moments, its incredible happy times, its dramatic episodes and the extent to which it has provided a sense of comfort, support, and perhaps and most importantly escapism for some five generations of men who have made use of its Adamant.

ISBN: 978-976-8054-73-9
184 pages, fully illustrated, hardcover with dustjacket

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The book is no longer distributed by Paria Publishing (2018)