Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Proud Legacy of Service - Republic Bank's Corporate History

This article pretty much says it all! (published in AmCham T&T's "Linkage" magazine Q1/2014). The book is available from Republic Bank Limited.

Paria Publishing can facilitate and supervise this entire publication for you - from concept and research, to design and layout, to print supervision, to finished books delivered to your premises, all in accordance with your requirements.
We can facilitate the listing of the publication on retailing websites (amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com) and also prepare the book in e-formats, e.g. for Kindle.
We can also handle video and audio productions and conceptualise and produce internet applications as outlined above.

Other Corporate and Institutional Histories produced by us were:

• Republic Bank (1986)
• Cannings/HiLo (2001)
• M Hamel-Smith & Co. (2003)
• Scotiabank (2004)
• ANSA McAL (2006)
• T&TEC (2008)
• RBTT (2009)
• Republic Bank (2012)
• Laughlin & de Gannes Ltd. (2013)
• Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (2014)