Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Heady Days by Patrick Johnstone

"Heady Days - A Memoir of a 70s AdMan in T&T" is a memoir of advertising executive Patrick Johnstone of his career in advertising in Trinidad and Tobago, from his teenage years to the creation of Publicis Caribbean Limited.
Johnstone's account of the advertising agency scene in the late 1960s to early 2000s is told with deep insight and a lot of irreverent accounts of the people and situations that he encountered in his profession.
Not sparing tongue-in-cheek commentary and peppered with local aphorisms and typical "Trini" idiom, this entertaining book is geared to amuse and inform not only the "Mad Men" of his generation, but people generally in touch with the Caribbean and its idiosyncrasies.
Award-winning Adman Patrick Johnstone has worked with leading Caribbean and international companies on almost every category of advertising account imaginable, mastering all facets of the branding and creative process as an exceptional all-rounder.
After entering Trinidad's fast-evolving advertising world in 1970 at a small agency, he went on to take the industry by storm with his out-of-the-box style, eventually founding his own agency, Publicis Caribbean Limited, as part of the Publicis Worldwide Agency Network, thirty years later in 2000.
Patrick graduated in General Arts from Centennial College Toronto, Canada, and holds a diploma in Audio Engineering from The Full Sail Recording Institute, Florida. He is a practicing and successful fine artist, and the recipient of numerous advertising awards and accolades for advertising music.
He is the proud father of two daughters, Lisa and Jada and son Scott, and grandfather to two, Amelia and Nicolas.

ISBN 978-976-8244-46-8
186 pages, fully illustrated

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