Saturday, June 2, 2012

Self-Publishers: How to get a quotation

You have a manuscript and are ready to publish it as a self-publisher? Paria Publishing can organise the design and layout and the printing of your book. 

As a self-publisher, the financing of your book production is up to you. To find out what it would cost to get your book into print, we can start with sending you an estimate. To price your self-publishing project, we would need the following specifications:
• how many pages does your manuscript have (as a Word document)
• does your book contain images / photographs
• do you have all the material (text & images)
• do your pictures require scanning
• how many books would you like to get
• what is the page size of your book
• would you like a hardcover or softcover finish
• is your book printed in full colour or just black text
• where would you like to have your books shipped to

Click here to send us a request for quotation with these specifications!

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