Monday, May 7, 2012

My Caribbean - the First Caribbean Touch and Feel Book

Author Kathryn Hosein, aided by her daughter Alexa, came up with the idea of producing the first ever Caribbean baby "touch-and-feel" book. Photographer Abigail Hadeed did the charming photography, and Paria Publishing developed the layouts and the necessary dielines.
Caribbean children will love the familiar, warm imagery and the interesting textures that are to be explored in this novel publication. Glittering fabric of moko jumbie pants, gooey coconut jelly, the roughness of a bucket of sand on the beach, the velvety surface of a hibiscus petal - these things will intrigue kids not only in the tropical regions.
Just in time for the Canadian "Children's Book Week" - make it a Trinidadian Book Week!

ISBN 978-976-8239-17-1

Contact for more information and sales outlets.

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