Monday, November 28, 2011

"Tommy" by Paola Henderson

"I have written this children's book inspired by my son Tommy and his illness," writes Paola on her Facebook page. "It came to me through prayer and hope that through this book it reaches out and helps, touches and heals anyone that is or has gone through a challenging time healthwise. Its written from my heart, telling you, the reader about tommy and his story. He is a great little guy and has brought soo many blessings upon us. This book comes with a beautiful message to help anyone dealing with any health problem from minor such as allergies, asthma to major such as cancer. It also helps your little ones understand others who are ill and accept them as they are. All proceeds from this book of course will go to Tommy's medical fund."

Illustrated by Kristina Thompson, Tommy's aunt.
Paria Publishing feels privileged to have been a part of this publication.

Photo: Author Paola Henderson and Paria Publishing's Associate Editor, Kelsea Mahabir (a multi-talented young lady who also did the book layout) at the booklaunch in Reader's Bookshop.

The book was printed by local printery Office Authority (great job, folks) and is available in select bookstores in Trinidad and Tobago.

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