Monday, September 19, 2011

Talkshow about "The Cult of the Will" on T&T Television

Trinidad's Channel 4, Saturday 24th, 10 am and and 8 pm

A must see for all interested in Trinidad and Tobago's history and culture—and in its future!

Watch a fascinating round-table discussion about "The Cult of the Will" by Gerard Besson. Filmed at the historical setting of the Country Club in Port-of-Spain, TV Anchor Andy Johnson guides his eminent studio guests—Attorney Om Lalla, UWI Postgrad Student Rhoda Bharath, UWI Lecturer Dr. Michael Toussaint, Radiohost George Umbala Joseph and former Ambassadress Sheelagh de Osuna—through an evaluation of the revisionist history presented in "The Cult of the Will". 

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